Barbara Gładecka

President, psychotherapis, mediator, facilitator, (Process-Oriented Psychology – organisations: PTPP Poland), owner of “Ośrodek Corelacje”

Agata Gebhardt

Vice-President, coach, mediator, owner of “Ośrodek Corelacje”

Volunteers, trainers, therapists and coaches invited for collaboration in particular projects (in the description of projects)

The previous management board 2010-2016:

Robert Palusiński

the founder and President, English translator (works in the field of psychology, including most translations of Arnold Mindell’s books), trainer, consultant, coach, psychotherapist (Process-Oriented Psychology – organisations: RSPOP Zurich, PTPZnP Warsaw, PTPP Poland), blogger, facilitator, the inventor of the Video for Democracy method.

Małgorzata Jarymowicz

Vice-President, manager (faculty of Management at the Warsaw School of Economics; specific interests: knowledge management / research and MA thesis), psychologist (Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities), psychotherapist (qualifications: INTRA and / examinations pending / Process-Oriented Psychology)

Komitet doradczo – naukowo – wspierający Fundacji:

dr Violetta Aumer

teacher and researcher at the University at the Institute of Political Science University of Wroclaw, psychotherapist. Scientific Specialization: Social psychology, the psychology of politics with particular emphasis on unconscious mental processes, political philosophy.


dr Łukasz Krzywoszański

teacher and researcher at the Laboratory of Psychology, Pedagogical University K.E.N. in Krakow. Recent studies on “Psychosocial and neurophysiological determinants of inconsistency of forms and orientations of the individual with their abilities and preferences”


dr Bogna Szymkiewicz

Ph.D. is a teacher and researcher at the University of Warsaw. She holds a Diploma in Process Work from Zurich, works with clients in private practice, teaches process work internationally and facilitates groups. She is a co-leader of  License Program “Process Work Academy” in Warsaw.  Bogna is an author of several articles and books.


dr Sławomira Walczewska

PhD, feminist activist and philosopher. In 1999, Walczewska published Ladies, Knights and  Feminists: Feminist Discourse in Poland, the first Polish book about women s emancipation
in Poland from a historical and a cultural perspective. That book was nominated, as one of 20 books, to the most prestigous book award in Poland, NIKE, in 2000.  She is author of ca. 50 articles about feminism and history of the women s movement.She was teaching history of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (1985-1990) and history of feminist ideas at postgraduate Gender Studies in Warsaw (1996) and Cracow (2000). In 1991 she co-founded the eFKa- Women’s Foundation, one of the first few feminist organisations in post-socialist Poland. She edited the feminist magazine  Pełnym Głosem  (In Full Voice, 1993-1997) and, since 1999, is member of the editorial board of  Zadra , the only Polish feminist quarterly. In 2008 she was awarded by the Foundation Aufmüpfige Frauen.

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