About Foundation

Deep Democracy Foundation was established in 2010 in Cracow, Poland. Foundation’s main aim is to apply and promote principles and tools of Deep Democracy concept, which was developed by American psychoterapist Arnold Mindell Ph.D. in 1980’s. Deep Democracy offers effective tools to work with small or large groups, such as “group process” and “open forum”, which focus on deepening group’s understanding of the core needs, values and emotions on each side / standpoint.

Foundation has realized numerous projects dealing with discrimination, economic inequalities, empowering local communities – in Poland and in other European countries. Foundation’s experts are experienced facilitators, trainers and psychotherapists who conduct workshops, debates and seminars on many issues: conflict resolution, community building, decision making, dealing with social minorities’ rights and other.

We invite to cooperation individuals and organizations, who are sharing the above mentioned ideas. We believe that sustainable way of dealing with conflicts and social differences should prevent and decrease violence in our society.