Deep democracy as sustainable way of dealing with discrimination, multiculture and diversity ssues in adults’ learners groups

We invite you to the trainings for people from EU (but not Poland) with Grundtvig InService grant: DEEP DEMOCRACY AS SUSTAINABLE WAY OF DEALING WITH DISCRIMINATION, MULTICULTURE AND DIVERSITY SSUES IN ADULTS‘ LEARNERS GROUPS  It has been published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number “PL-2011-098-005” More information about the course: click here or link below:

How to teach adults about jewish heritage, holocaust, anti-semitism and persecution of minorities using deep democracy approach

HOW TO TEACH ADULTS ABOUT JEWISH HERITAGE, HOLOCAUST, ANTI-SEMITISM AND PERSECUTION OF MINORITIES USING DEEP DEMOCRACY APPROACH It has been published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number “PL-2011-100-005” How to apply for the grant: click here… More information about the course: click here