Consulting & training courses

Our foundation offers consulting services based on the method arising from the process oriented psychology approach, and what is more, we are implementing the fundamentals of Deep Democracy.

What is so innovative about this approach?

Once you have observed that the performance of your company or organization is not satisfactory and that there are some inconsistencies in its functioning or there are communication problems (e.g. contradictory communicates, hiding information by employees) it is highly probable that the part of the system (which is closer to the common consciousness) is more valued than the other part (the one that is less conscious for us) which is rather marginalized. It is often the case that the latter part of the system is blamed for all the failures.

In order to solve the above mentioned problem number of consulting companies start with the decomposition of the process (understood in terms of the ISO standard), than they try to identificae and eliminate disorders or factors which possibly bring in those disorders. However, consulting which is aimed at the aspect of process offers totally different and much more innovative solutions.

Again we have to pose a question how can we influence the potential ‘distractors’ so that they can become fully productive and as a result become the ‘allies’ of the process.

In fact it is a specific type of recycling and deep ecology of resources, as it is vital to reanalyze the energy of the so called ‘distractors’ and use it again in a productive way.

In practice, however, simple elimination of the ‘distractor’ alone does not bring the expected result. It usually turns out that there is another person who acts in a similar way taking the place of the previous ‘distractor.’

Consultants of our Foundation, on the other hand, offer a solution to the mentioned problem by introducing the ideas of Deep Democracy.

Does this in fact mean that the principal will be forced to leave his post and hand over his authority? Certainly not, it will simply enable principal to become more aware of the power that he posses at the same time keeping in mind that the way in which he uses it influences certain attitudes and can motivate his employers. What is more, the supreme governing body can take advantage of abandoning the role of the CxO and to share temporarily the hardships of running a company with the rest of the crew.

When advising our clients we always believe that a particular organization already posses the knowledge of how to solve its own problems. Very often implementation of the fundamentals of Deep Democracy and hearing out the voices of minorities alone turns out to be helpful in finding the most effective and creative solutions.

Apparently paradoxically simple approach to the problem turns out to be the core of creative solutions and conclusions, at the same time, they contribute to innovative solutions not only in the business sector but also in the area of organizational interactions.

Our offer:

  • If you think that your organization, company, family, school needs some innovative and creative transformations based on the fundamentals of Deep Democracy feel free to contact us in order to undergo a training, workshop or a creative facilitation of meetings or conferences created especially for you.
  • If you are responsible for bringing up children, preparing trainings or simply working in the educational system let us contact in order to experience the positive influence that Deep Democracy can have upon school and the process of upbringing itself.
  • We organize trainings, workshops, individual coaching, and mentoring programmes for people who:

deal with facilitation, mediation, conflict management, negotiations, work with parents and children, principals, governors, politicians, self-government’s activists, as well as for anybody who works with people.

  • We offer development of coaching, seminars, and facilitative skills by implementing basic procedures and ideas of Deep Democracy. This offer is directed to the units like trainers or mediators as well as the whole teams (e.g. trainers, coaches, instructors of the training schools and managers of a particular company)
  • We organize and facilitate meetings, group processes and the Deep Democracy Forum following from the Foundation itself as well as following from the call of informal organizations or teams from different sectors. In this respect the NGO sector can be assured of receiving our support and special treatment, not excluding free facilitation service for the members of the organization.
  • We invite units and organizations to deal with important social issues on the local, domestic as well as global scale. We believe that even a small step toward understanding and solving conflicts is a step for all the humanity to be able to comprehend the knowledge of how to effectively and in sustainable way  approach to conflicts and differences between us. We believe that it is the most effective way in preventing and securing not only individuals but also every person from violence. Our mission and aim is to provide assistance to all of the similar initiatives.