Deep Democracy Foundation invites you for the intensive, 7 days training


13- 19 April 2015 in Krakow, Poland

Process Oriented Group Work Training with focus on Deep Democracy, Unfolding Rank dynamics, Conflict-work and Diversity in group life


Process Oriented Psychology offers powerful tools for making groups life flow more fluent. It brings an emphasis to unfolding rank, diversity and conflict within groups, whilst also connecting to the power behind the deeper dreams and visions that shape group life. Process work teaches us new methods for leadership development, and facilitation whilst recognizing that anyone can help facilitate a group, whether you are a participant facilitator or an official leader. This seminar is for anyone interested in improving their understanding of groups and in gaining methods they can effectively use as facilitators, participants, therapists or organisational developers.

This seminar will cover:

  • Deep Democracy approach to leadership and developing your leadership style. Leadership as a role and eldership as new leadership style.
  • Facilitation skills — how to help your organisation or group moving and flowing. Possible personal issues that prevent us from being more effective working with challenges.
  • Conflict work skills — how to make conflicts short, less painful, and how conflict can connect and bring groups together. A tool kit of inner work techniques for emotional well being during intense moments conflicts.
  • Rank, privileges, marginalisation and power in groups: how to deal with rank and power issues in constructive and empowering  direction.
  • Facilitator training: how to deal with being attacked or challenged as a facilitator or leader. Inner work methods for staying detached and useful during chaotic processes and potential violence in the public space.
  • Burn out issue: treatment and prevention of burnout in organisations (including small communities).
  • Transitions and developmental stages: how to flow with change in groups.
  • Dream and vision work: the healing unifying power of being connected to the organisations dreams, myths, and visions

Process Work and Deep Democracy is a cross-disciplinary, multi-cultural approach formulated by Dr. Arnold Mindell inZurichin the late 1970s. With its roots in Jungian psychology, Taoism, and quantum physics, it approaches disturbance as a source of meaning and development. Different difficulties and challenges when unfolded, bring new awareness that leads to the growth of wisdom, and the enrichment of individuals, groups, systems, and cultures. Process Work and Deep Democracy provide a practical framework through which individuals, relationships, groups and systems can connect with greater awareness, depth, sensitivity and effectiveness.

This unique facilitation and leadership approach:

  • ensures that individuals are treated with respect and their wisdom is facilitated and incorporated.
  • facilitates toward working with and empowering people including diverse groups/members.
  • the group’s vision is builded and shared through ensuring that the minority’s views and concerns are genuinely addressed and that their buy-in or support is obtained.
  • helps to build community on deeper, emotional levels
  • facilitates decisions needed to create transformation and change
  • recognizes the emotional dynamics within a meeting and provides the tools to deal with these dynamics and to incorporate this energy into the decision making and follow up.

For whom is this course

We welcome people from all the walks of life because deeply democratic approach is helpful for everybody: on individual and relationship and social levels. Additionally, when you are part of a group for the change, the change agent (Transition Town, Greenpeace, NGO), a facilitator or a counselor interested on new tools for conflict resolution, – member of a community or an ecovillage (or you are building a new one!) or – a business manager searching for new tools for the well being and productivity of your organisation, the seminar will give you huge inspiration and new points of view.

About the main trainer :
Robert Palusinski is a psychotherapist, teacher and facilitator of group processes. Robert practices Process Work and  Deep Democracy Facilitation over 15 years (since 1997). Born in Krakow (1963),Poland, he lives inWarsaw. He is president of Deep Democracy Foundation and is experienced conflict facilitator working with groups from all walks of life. He introduced the concept of DeepDemocracy Open Forum toPoland co-organised and facilitated first DeepDemocracy City Open Forum inKrakow in 2004. Working with such big organisations like biggest cities inPoland he is strongly dedicated to work with NGOs and smaller intentional, spiritual and co-housing communities helping them with group processes and discovering the Dreaming that co-created those groups. Robert works also successfully with such issues like discrimination, ethnic, trans-generation problems including collective trauma. He invented and co-created and facilitated 2 years project for Polish and German groups: “Exploring the Legacy of Polish-German Relationship” about post-war reconciliation between Germans and Polish nations. He also created and teached during last 3 years EU (Grundtvig) sponsored 6 days trainings: “Deep democracy as sustainable way of dealing with discrimination, multiculture and diversity issues in adults’ learners groups” and “How to teach adults about Jewish heritage, holocaust, anti-semitism and persecution of minorities using deep democracy approach”. He has experiences of working with communieties inPoland,Germany,Italy,Slovakia andEstonia. Robert integrates Process Oriented Psychotherapy with his long term Zen practice and with shamanism.

You can read more about deep democracy:

Where and When?
The course starts   April 13th at 18:00 and finishes 19th  of April 2015 at 13:00 It will take place in Krakow, Poland. The course will be held in English.

Company fee € 480,-
Private persons € 380, –
Reduced fee (income dependent) € 200,-

Registration and Organisation:

Deep Democracy Foundation, Krakow/Poland.

For questions and registration please contact Robert at

We’ll be glad to help you to find low cost accommodation at hostel/hotel or Bed and Breakfast.
Please let us know what kind of standard do you expect and we will arrange the accommodation (like Bed and Breakfast, or Hostel or Hotel) and preferences shared (double) or single room with bathroom or with shared bath, etc.

Krakowis very tourist city and in April there is plenty of possibilities for accommodation.
The prices inPoland -Krakow for the one person in double/tree room are around 15 – 30 Euro per night&breakfast  and meals in restaurants are about 5 – 15 Euro lunch/dinner (they are also more expensive and higher qualities possibilities) .

We suggest advance payment of 50 Euro and the rest in cash on the first day of the seminar.

We expect participants from many countries likeGermany,Italy,Netherland,Slovakia,Polandand other countries.

They are low-cost airlines toKrakowairport.